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4 Places for Your Next Submarine Adventure

Bored of just building sand castles at the beach?  Wanna see an alien world underwater?  Here’s your chance!  This is definitely a great adventure for the family!  Something different!  Check it out!

Article by Tom Bastek, Travel Pulse

Most children at one point in their lives dream of diving in a submarine and seeing the world from under the sea. For some, that becomes a vehicle to snorkeling or scuba diving as they get older. For others it means buying a submarine (for those who can afford it) or even building one from scratch.

But if you are just interested in taking one ride or knocking it off your bucket list without having to spend the big bucks, this is where you can go to act out your own version of 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Atlantis Submarines Barbados Tours

Atlantis Submarines Barbados Tours offer tours in their 65 foot long, 80 ton, 48 passenger submarine in Barbados. During the tour you will travel down to depths of 130 feet and see amazing marine life and maybe even a ship wreck depending on marine conditions. Portals 12 inches wide allow guests to see out into the crystal clear water while traveling along the Freshwater Bay Coral Reef. Tours run almost every hour and they will run you about $100 for each adult and $52 for the kids.

Atlantis Adventures’ Hawaiian Tours

The same company that operated in Barbados has operations in Waikiki, Maui, and Kona in Hawaii.  They even offer Japanese narrated tours twice a day. In Waikiki, they are operating the Atlantis XIV which holds up to 64 passengers. For about $115 per adult you will get an hour tour, with premium seating and larger viewports than the submarines of the 48 passenger class. They offer the smaller sub for ten dollars less at all three locations as well as above water, non submarine tours. Guest can see “indigenous fish, coral and other marine life.”

Atlantis Submarines Cozumel

For $105 in Cozumel, Mexico you can take a 40-minute ride to see “30-foot coral head formations and a great variety of marine animals and tropical fish including parrotfish, grunts and groupers.” Everything on this tour is located within Chankanaab, an environmentally-protected marine park. This is the same 48-passenger vessel from the other two locales and you ferry out to the location of the dive. They typically do five trips a day and they normally start about 9 a.m. and go through about 2 p.m.

Roatan Institute of Deep-sea Exploration

Where the trips above are for the folks that are just interested in dipping their toe into the deep end of the pool and not ready to dive in, the Roatan Institute of Deep-sea Exploration is for the people who want to go in headfirst as soon as possible. Their Deepsea Submarine “Idabel” is 13 feet long, four tons, and able to take two passengers and a driver 3,000 feet deep.

They offer 1,000-foot depth tours where for $500 you get an hour and a half where you can see about 200 feet with natural light. Expect to see “sea lillies, glass sponges, pom-pom anemones, and lace coral.” The 1,500-foot depth tour is two and a half hours and $700. Here in addition to the tour above, you will see different lobsters and cat fish coming up to feed from the lower depths.

The 2,000-foot depth tour is three and a half hours and gets down to the absolute darkness. Here you will see jelly-nosed eels, rough sharks, and ghost sharks for the bottom basement price of $900. If you want to go for it all, you can do their Six-Gill Shark Expedition where they attach bait to the sub, go out at night and wait for up to nine hours for the sharks to come get a snack.

What else are you looking to cross off your bucket list this year? What have you added to it recently?  Let me know in the comments below.

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