All I Want for Christmas is Travel

All I Want for Christmas is Travel

It’s that time when we start thinking about what we want for the Holidays or what our loved ones would want as well!  Why not help fund their next adventure or yours!!!

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Are you sick of getting a tie or a scarf for Christmas?  Trying to figure out a way to pay for your trip to Italy?  Don’t know what to get the family member who doesn’t want anything?  Giving travel for the holidays has never been easier.  Here are a few ways to spread the holiday cheer:

Travel Registries

Traveler’s Joy is a great website that is meant for Honeymooning Couples to have their wedding guests contribute to their honeymoon.  With only a 7.5 percent fee, this is a great idea for those who are just looking to put everything in one place.

No worries about your crazy aunt who mailed cash, the people who don’t have checks, or the ones who can’t think of what to get you.  You set it up, put down where you want to go, let everyone know about the site and they manage the whole process for you.  Then they either cut you a check or wire the money and you are good to go.


Sure, what was once the online treasure hunter’s paradise has now become the flea market of overseas knock-off products and the discount surplus supplier’s warehouse.  But there are still deals to be found on eBay and if you take a look, specifically on travel, too.  There are vacation packages, with and without airfare, lodging, and even air charters.

I found one today for four people on a private plane round trip from Atlanta for $499.  Do your homework when booking because there are no set rules from one auction to the next.  There are timeshare companies forcing you to sit through a “property tour” and strange weight requirements for some planes (like those four adults above all must be 150 pounds or less).


The funny thing is that hardly anyone knows all the ways that you can use  Holiday shopping is another great way.  Whether you need travel supplies, accessories, music and videos to keep you busy, or even gift cards at a restaurant at your destination, you can find it there.  The best part is, you can put it on your wish list, share it with the people who love you the most, and tada! You have everything you ever wanted.

The Good Old Standby

Speaking of gift cards, they really are the go-to in a lot of families around the holidays.  They offer up the opportunity for the recipient to spend the money the way they would want to.  Hence, you never have given a bad gift! Every airline, cruise line, hotel corporation and rental car company offer up the option of the almighty gift card.

A word to the wise here: Find out ahead of time about the traveling preferences of the person who is receiving the card.  If they always fly Delta and you give them a Southwest Airlines gift card, there might be less of an enthusiastic response.  I am just sayin’.

So there you go!  Maybe a way you haven’t thought about getting what you really wanted for the holidays: a chance to see the world and way to pay for it, too!  Or maybe you just need to get away from the family for the holidays and travel is your solution.  Might as well get them to pay for it!

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