Quebec Family Lives A Dream


This is exciting stuff!  Another family out of the rat race!  They decided to take a cycling trip from Quebec, Canada to New Orleans, LA this year and still going at it!  Go Simard Family!  Read their amazing story below!  #LifestyleDesignOfTheWeek #NewRichMovement

Story by Anne Hart Preus of The Bolivar Commerical

Guillaume Simard and his family are living their dream. On June 14 of this year, wife Isabelle, and children Beatrice, 10; Norah, 7; and Laurent, 5 set out on bicycles from Quebec, Canada, and have been traveling south on their way to New Orleans.

They were on Highway 1 between Rosedale and Benoit hoping to get to Greenville before dark. For the Simards, the wide- open spaces of the delta are different from the Quebec province of eight million.

“We have always loved to travel, but we were working and found we were not spending time with our children or traveling, so we got out of the rat race to show our kids that if they have a dream it is possible,” said Simard. ” You can’t sit on the couch and realize your dreams. Our kids are healthy so we said, why not?”

“We didn’t want to wait until we got older to travel, because who knows what will happen,” said Isabelle. ” We might not live until then, so we sold our house and almost everything except for a few things.”

Simard was a project manager and Isabelle was a teacher who had wanted to home school. When Simard’s project ended, they decided this trip was what they wanted to do.

“Our plan is open,” said Simard. ” We will eventually go back to Canada, but we will spend two or three more years on the road. When we get to New Orleans, I don’t know if we will go south or west.”

“We will probably stop in Lafayette and stay a few months,” said Isabelle. “We could teach French until the weather gets better.”

“The best thing on the trip,” says Simard, “is the people we meet. We can show our children that people are good. When we entered Mississippi, we met a pastor who let us stay at his church and we had dinner with his community. The children played with their children and had a good time.”

To further validate the hospitality they have encountered, the Mayor of Benoit, Calvin Ward, and his friend, Joe Mitchell, stopped to chat and Mitchell invited the Simards to his house in Benoit to take a shower.

“It’s been like that.” said Simard. “The mayor in Rosedale said we could stay at the park and a farmer invited us to his guest house in another place. We have met very nice people.”

The most stressful and difficult things the Simards have encountered are rain and bad weather and not having a place to sleep.

The family spent four days in Clarksdale. “We saw a lot of things like the Blues Museum,” said Isabelle. “Our children are getting to see so many things and learning so much. We spent time in a park in Toronto and visited Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and many more places.”

The children said they missed their friends, but they Skype to stay in touch.

The family has a web site,, and are raising money for Make A Wish Foundation. “We are lucky to have healthy children,” said Simard. ” We want to help sick kids realize their dreams. You can go to the web site and make a donation.”

“We are keeping a journal and will sell on the Internet,” said Isabelle.

The adults have touring bikes and the children have regular bikes.

“We travel about 20 miles a day, depending on the weather,” said Isabelle. “We have a tent and a camp stove to cook breakfast and dinner. We have snacks and fruit for lunch.”

The Simards were anxious to be on they way, for they had an invitation to stop in Benoit for a hot shower as they headed south while realizing their dream.

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